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Off to see Peru! Part 5

Machu Picchu, Cusco, Lima

Oct.2 Travel to MP.
I got up at 5:30 am and got ready. I would be in Aguas Caliente (AC) for 1 night and only took what I needed. I was keeping my room so left most of my clothes, gear. I met Edwin in the lobby at 6 AM, taxi to the train station in Cusco. My Peru Rail train left on time at 6:40 am. There was a family of 3 from Texas at my table and they were good to chat with. I got to know more about there lives plus snapped a few photos of the canyon on the way to AC.
There is a real crowd of people waiting for the passengers. Many were like me and had a guide waiting. A girl had my name on a placard and I introduced myself. I followed her up the main street to the Wonderful Dreams Hotel & Spa. AC is quite steep as the train depot is next to the river and everything is uphill from there. I had a nice room, big TV, roomy shower. I unpacked and headed for Ayan & Toni's hotel. I had some tea in the lobby and waited for them. Ayan came down and told me that they were having a nap. OK, I would meet them for dinner tonite. I stopped at one of the many bars, restaurants on the way to my room. Not much w/o meat but they did have pizza, tea and that is what I had. Paid my 12 soles and went to my room. I got in my stretching, sit-ups, showered and watched some TV. At 7 pm the guide arrived and went over tomorrows plan. He gave me my r/t bus tickets, entrance to MP plus a coupon for my guide. I then met Ayan & Toni at their hotel, walked to a restaurant I saw on the way. Many have a set price and you pick from several options. I went with soup, pasta, bread, fruit. We got caught up and discussed tomorrow. Paid the 22 soles and walked back to my room. Packed for tomorrow and was in bed by 9:30 pm.
I was up at 5 am, packed my day bag. I would leave my main bag with the hotel as they have a 9 am check out. I walked downhill to the bus station and took a few photos before lining up for the bus. They have dozens of buses and load and leave every few minutes. I took a few photos on the way up but it was foggy and a difficult shot. I went to the rendezvous location and met Rebecca, our English speaking tour guide. Once together, we start walking uphill. We saw some llamas, photos, then up to the high point overlooking MP.
The main part of MP was hidden by low clouds at 7 am but made for some interesting photos. As Rebecca told us the history of MP and the re-discovery of the site, the sun was burning off the clouds. I saw Ayan & Toni and we chatted briefly. They had a private guide and they headed off. We would meet for dinner.
By the time we headed downhill, the sun had burned off all the clouds, perfect weather. I took many photos and tried to keep up with our group. There were 8 Romanians in our group and one big guy saw that I was struggling with the rocky steps. He started giving me a hand up and also down when necessary. He also took all the photos that I am in. I was lucky he was in our tour group. I think he took pity on the old guy from Vegas! I walked all of MP that you can w/o climbing Huaya Picchu. By 11 am I was out of energy and headed for the bus.

Down the hill, then a long uphill walk to my hotel. I got my bag from storage and walked over to Ayan & Toni's hotel. Had some tea while I waited for them. We went back to the same restaurant and I had soup, omelet, fruit, tea for 22 soles. We discussed our MP tour and agreed to meet in Cusco in the next few days. I hit the toilet and headed downhill for my train. The waiting room was packed as a train left every 30 minutes for Cusco. A couple from Canada sat next to me and we had a nice chat while waiting for our train. We had a dance, music presentation on the train back plus a snack and juice. A couple from Cuba sat across the table from me and passed the time back to Cusco. Once in Cusco, I found the taxi driver with my name and he took me back to my hostel. Bad timing as the door was locked and nobody answered the buzzer. After 15 minutes one of the volunteers came back from dinner and let me in. I got in my stretching, sit-ups, shower, brought my journal up to date, took my sleep meds and was out by 10 pm.

I was up at 7:30, up to the BF room, pancakes, fruit, tea. I cleaned up and walked to the Internet shop. I decided to visit the small town of Pisac where they have a lively outdoor market. Taxi to the van staging area, 5 sols. The van took about 40 minutes and was 4 sols. I was the only tourist on the van and they told me when to get off. I got some bread and they told me what street to find the market. There was a light rain as I walked around the market, but not bad enough to hide. I decided to get some souvenirs while I was there. Place mats, bowl, both cheap and very colorful. Back down to the main road, van to Cusco, 4 sols. Taxi to main plaza, then found Ayan's hotel. The manager was Louis, from Venezuela. Very good English and we talked for over an hour while I waited for Ayan & Toni. All hotels have tea in the lobby and I had several cups while chatting with Louis. Finally gave up, left a note and walked to the hostel. I bought some fruit on the way and that was going to be dinner. The door was locked again, no answer to the buzzer, so I sat down and waited. 3 Germans arrived via taxi and joined me waiting to get in. They were going to MP in a few days so I told them about my tour of MP. After 20 minutes one of the hostel workers showed up and we got in. I dropped off my stuff and headed for the shower. The is limited hot water and I knew the Germans would want a shower before bed. It was starting to run out of hot water before I finished. Back to my room, exercise, fruit, read, bed at 10 pm.


Next day Oct. 5th Friday
I was up at 7, did my exercises, then up for BF. Pancakes, banana, tea. The Germans: Jurgen, Barbara and their friend were eating when I got there. I joined them and we chatted about Germany, Vegas, MP. They told me there was no hot water for a shower and they were not pleased with the hostel. I did not tell them I used up all the hot water before they had a chance to shower. Barbara gave me her e-mail as I told them if their photos did not turn out, I would e-mail them mine. After BF, I cleaned up and headed up hill to the main plaza. I got on the Internet, e-mailed Barbara so she would have my address, also Jean, Kevin, Hanling. I decided to visit San Blas Plaza again. Walked uphill, took some photos, got my free t-shirt from Peru Hop, looked at some souvenirs, and headed back downhill. Stopped at a store for a sandwich, fruit, juice. Back to my room to rest. Plan A was to meet Ayan & Toni for dinner at 5 pm. I walked to their hotel, had tea and chatted with Louis while waited for them. After waiting an hour, I left another note and headed for my room. I bought some bread, fruit and that would have to do for dinner. It is not much fun eating alone in a restaurant and I would make do with food I could take to my room. Read, bed by 9 pm.

Next day. Oct.6 Sat. Flight to Lima.
I was up at 6 am, did my exercises, up to BF room. Max was there and was doing eggs today. He also gave me a few pancakes as no one else was there. We chatted a bit and I told him I was off for Lima today. Cleaned up, and then got a taxi to the airport.The hostel pays for the taxi if you stay more than 4 days. It was an easy check in and they allow one free bag. I checked my bag and headed for the gate. I had plenty of time and did some reading and brought my journal up to date. Into Lima and outside for a taxi. The guys outside are cheaper than the taxi booths. My hostel is not easy to find so I had him drop me at Plaza Norte, 20 sols. I walked to the hostel, Alex was there, $60 USD for 4 nights. I got room 207, easier Netflix, quieter than 209. I walked back towards Plaza Norte to find something to eat. None of the places spoke English, but finally found one that had pictures of menu items. I got veggie soup, rice, bread for 7 sols. Bought some bread, fruit for later and went back to my room. Exercises, Netflix, shower, snack, bed by 9:30.

Oct. 7 Sunday
Up at 7, exercises, Netflix, out by 10 am for BF. Almost all the places on the way to Plaza Norte were close. I found a street stall open, that would have to do. I saw what others were having and just pointed at their meal. Huge portion of soup, potatoes, rice, 7 sols. Light rain now so decided to kill the day in my room. Bought some snacks, Netflix, exercises, read, bed by 9 pm.

Oct. 8 Monday.
Alex called me a taxi, 10 sols to plaza. I was going to do some shopping before I left Peru. It was a holiday and most places were closed. But by noon, several opened up. I found a colorful table cloth, laptop case, metal llamas for Jean, hot pads for the kitchen. I watched some of the changing of the guard, then walked to Plaza St. Martin, found a taxi to Plaza Norte, 20 sols, walked to my room. I ate at the same street stall as before, 7 sols for more than I could eat. Shower, Netflix, bed at 9 pm.

Oct. 9th Tues.
Up 7, exercises, clean up, talk to Alex. He gave me a Metro card and directions to bus station at El Milagro. Put 10 sols on the metro card, rode to Kennedy Plaza. Found a souvenir mall, bought a llama for Hanling, llamas for Jean, passport holder for me, back to Metro, walk to same place to eat, 7 sols, room. Shower, Netflix, read, bed.

Oct. 10th. Wed.
Up 7, snack on bread I still had, clean up, pack, check room, Alex called me a taxi to the airport. 20 sols. Thru TSA, check main bag, found my gate, read. Good flight, Naya was next to me and gave me 4 Life Energy Powder. She was drinking it and we chatted about her trip to San Salador, mine to Vegas. Short wait in Salvador, then flight to LAX. They served pasta, salad. 40 minutes to clear US Customs, get my bag, walk to SW Terminal. Check bag, call Kevin and wait. I had granola bars while waiting for my flight, left on time. Not full, so had a row to myself. Into Vegas, got my bag, called Kevin, home. My Peru adventure was over.

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Haven't been on the site for a long while, but it was great to logon and immediately see this story of your wonderful trip. Once this covid-19 is over will have to see where you are going next and see if you are up for a traveling buddy or couple to go with you. Cal (Gary)

by Calcruzer

As usual another good read Mike, not sure if I could cope with all those early morning starts ????
Hope you are staying safe Trump land ???? all the best from sunny Cornwall


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